Series Design - LF448

The unique integral series design of the LF448 provides maximum filtration while the heavy-duty construction ensures dependable operation.

Tests and extensive field miles substantiate the LF448’s superior performance claims.

The Hastings Design

The patented series design and the cellulose/synthetic blend media are central to the filter’s increased contaminant holding capacity and longer element life.

Hastings' integral series design places the by-pass element inside the full-flow element instead of stacking the two elements as in standard parallel designs. This allows both elements to occupy almost the full length of the filter housing and provides additional filtration area.

In the LF448, all oil passes through the full-flow element instead of just part of it, as with parallel designs.

The full-flow/by-pass technology of the LF448 offers up to 43 percent more full-flow surface for greater contaminant holding capacity. Higher efficiency means less damage-causing contaminants pass through the filter to sensitive components, leading to longer and more efficient system life. Increased capacity extends filter life without decreasing filter efficiency.

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