LF115 Lube Filter

Hastings Premium Filters uses the industry’s best practices and processes to manufacture high-efficiency filters which are strong enough to withstand the toughest operating conditions. While a filter’s efficiency must typically be sacrificed to increase capacity, the LF115 excels in both contaminant removal efficiency and contaminant holding capacity.

The Hastings Design

The LF115 cellulose/glass blend media protects engines by trapping and holding contaminant particles and preventing them from entering vital engine parts.

The louvered centertube not only provides internal element support and strength, but also allows maximum flow. A steel coil spring maintains a constant load pressure, protecting engines, even during pressure surges.

A by-pass valve protects the engine in cold starts and highly restrictive conditions by making sure lubricants are distributed to vital engine parts. An anti-drainback valve keeps oil in the filter, preventing engine-destroying dry starts.

By combining these vital filter components, Hastings Premium Filters is able to provide superior lube filtration products for all filtration needs.

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