High Velocity Dual-Flow® Filters

Hastings Premium Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow lube filters provide improved engine protection during extended oil drain intervals, high idle time and harsh operating conditions. The patented design of the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters provides maximum filtration, while the heavy-duty construction insures dependable operation.

The Hastings Design

Hastings Premium Filters’ High Velocity Dual-Flow® line includes dual-flow lube filters to be used on Cummins ISM, ISX and Series 600 engines as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi™ filter line.

There are differences between standard dual-flow lube spin-on filters and the High Velocity Dual-Flow filters.

High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-ons have one inlet and one outlet. Oil flowing through the filter is sent directly to the engine to protect vital engine components, rather than a portion being returned to the sump as with conventional dual-flow filters.

The High Velocity Dual-Flow spin-on design is also superior to standard full-flow/by-pass designs in that a larger portion of the flow travels through the high efficiency element, removing more small contaminants. In traditional full-flow/by-pass designs, only a small percentage of flow, 10% or less, travels through the high efficiency element.

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