FleetStrip™ Coolant Test Strips

Hastings Premium Filters’ FleetStrip kit is a one-step way to test your cooling system. Equally important, it’s universal — making it easy to monitor any type of conventional coolant formulation.

The Hastings Design
A heavy-duty diesel engine may run more hours in a year than a car engine will in its lifetime. This higher workload can cause additives in most commercial antifreezes to deplete at a much faster rate than they would in automotive use.

This makes a periodic check of depletion rate and addition of supplemental additives vital to long engine life.

Hastings FleetStrip coolant test kits provide easy to read results by using the latest in diagnostic medical strip technology. A color-coded chart included with every kit allows you to determine the condition of your cooling system and what steps are needed.

Hastings Premium Filters FleetStrip can be used to test both ethylene and propylene glycol antifreezes. It allows quick, accurate testing without having to know what base additives are in the coolant. The test strip method eliminates inaccurate readings caused by using a hydrometer to test propylene glycol antifreeze.

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