Controlled Release Coolant Filters

The Hastings Premium Filters Controlled Release filters utilize a patented process that allows Supplement Coolant Additives to be released into your cooling system only when heat and coolant flow are present.

Our field tests show that the additives are released at an even rate. This is important because competitors’ filters can “dump” all the additives at once, potentially overcharging the system, leading to additive drop out.

The other extreme is not releasing enough additives towards the end of a maintenance period, thereby leaving the system vulnerable to cavitation erosion and corrosion.

The Hastings Design
With the Hastings Controlled Release filters, controlled release pellets diffuse SCAs into the system, when exposed to heat and coolant flow. All coolant is then filtered prior to entering the engine. This ensures that no undissolved particles from the chemical mass can enter the system.

A SCA diffusion control orifice meters the diffusion of SCA chemical into the coolant flow to allow SCAs to be released in the amount required to maintain proper system balance for up to 150,000 miles of service.

Hastings’ media is a high-capacity synthetic media designed to trap contaminants and maintain its structure through long service intervals.

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