Fuel/Water Separators

Hastings Premium Filters’ design incorporates a removable, all-metal, self-venting drain valve into the filter’s assembly for full compatibility with OE designs. All OE drain valves, sensors and bowls may be used with the Hastings design.

The Hastings Design

The Hastings' design removed the OE raised “keys” to allow universal fit on multiple OE fuel bases. This makes filter installation easier as no alignment to the mounting head is necessary.

All primary filters are painted red, while all secondary filters are painted white. This color coding helps determine, at a glance, that the proper filter is being installed.

The metal drain valve adds versatility of use on both standard and marine applications.

Hastings' removable self-venting drain valve is standard on these filters; however, the filter can be used with the Hastings drain or removed for use with the OE sensor or bowl.

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