CLARCOR is a global provider of filtration products and services with a worldwide customer base, superb product quality, an extensive distribution network and the industry’s broadest product line.

CLARCOR provides filtration products to the engine/mobile and industrial/environmental filtration market. The Total Filtration Program brings the experience and expertise of all its filtration companies to provide a complete filtration program.

In 1995, Hastings Premium Filters became part of CLARCOR. Other CLARCOR companies — Airguard, ATI, Baldwin Filters, Clark Filter, Facet International, FPI, PECOFacet, Purolator Air, Purolator Engineered Filtration Products, Purolator Facet, Total Filtration Services and United Air Specialists — along with Hastings Premium Filters, are able to share the latest ideas and technology and create solutions that lead to better products.