Procedure for Service Engineering Product Investigation

This procedure outlines the steps necessary for Hastings Premium Filters Service Engineering to complete an investigation of products from the field. The steps of this procedure are necessary to provide the most accurate and timely investigation possible.

If a filter is suspected of causing a failure, don't throw away the evidence. In order to process a warranty claim, follow the Product Investigation Procedure...

  1. Complete a Field Report Form (F350). Describe the events on a separate sheet.
  2. Obtain a sample of oil, fuel or coolant in the system at the time of the failure.
  3. Save damaged parts for evidence of the claimed damage.
  4. For an air filter, cover the open end(s) with tape to prevent dust from entering the element during shipping.
  5. Send copies of any repair bills.
  6. Send the entire suspect filter, including the gaskets.

If the investigation is being requested for warranty consideration, repair bills (not estimates) should also accompany the request. Damaged equipment components such as bearings, liners, etc. should be retained by the customer for possible examination by Service Engineering.

Filter products are NOT to be cut open or otherwise tampered with. This may prevent objective analysis and testing, and may void the warranty.

Notice of damages and claims should be made immediately when the damage occurs. Every claim will receive careful and objective consideration. If a Hastings product is proven to have caused damage, Hastings will pay the cost required to repair the equipment to its condition at the time the failure occurred. Liability payment will not include consequential damages such as downtime, motel bills, etc.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, or any product investigation, please contact our Service Engineering Team at (800) 887-8836.

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