Characteristics of a Quality Filter

December 2014

There are many different engine oil, air, fuel, hydraulic and coolant filters available in the marketplace. Filters intended for use on the same application(s) may look similar, but they may not perform the same. There can be major differences in quality and the way they fit and/or function to protect your investment.

What makes a quality filter? There are a few things that you can see from simply looking at the filter, such as:

   Spin-on threads should be cleanly cut or rolled and free of debris
   Spin-on canister (shell) or filter end caps should be free from dents
   There should be no visual cuts or tears in the filter media, gaskets or seals
   All gaskets or seals should be firmly attached to the filter unless they are intended to be unattached
   All unattached gaskets and seals that are needed to complete filter service should be included in the package
   The end caps should be firmly attached to the filter
   The filter should be packaged in such a way as to keep it clean before use

What about those items we cannot see?

   The typical spin-on engine oil, fuel or hydraulic filter should not rattle when shaken. If it does, this may be a sign
      of a lack of spring compression, which may lead to possible by-pass of fluid around the filter.
      NOTE: Some coolant filters that include Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) will rattle. This is normal as it
      is the chemical pellets inside the filter.
   As a rule, if the Original Equipment (OE) filter includes a by-pass valve, then the aftermarket filter should as well.
      It is important that this valve be designed to open at the same differential pressure as that of the OE.
   The filter media and structural integrity of the complete filter should be designed to specifically meet the
      application requirements.

Hastings filters are designed, manufactured and tested to industry standards to ensure that they meet the OE requirements for the application and the performance requirements of our customers.