Coolant Protection Family

June 2014

Hastings Premium Filters offers a complete line of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) and products to help you maintain your diesel engine cooling system. Hastings SCAs are available in these formulations:

     BTE™ (Balanced Treatment for Ethylene Glycol) is a
        borate/nitrite-based inhibitor designed specifically for 30% to
        60% ethylene glycol solutions.

     BTA PLUS™ (Balanced Treatment Additive) is a
        phosphate/molybdate/nitrite-based inhibitor designed for use
        in plain water or in antifreeze solutions up to 60%.

Following is a brief overview of our coolant system product line with an explanation of the part numbering scheme used for our product families.

WC Series WC Series – BTE/BTA PLUS, No Additive Standard or Extended Service – available in multiple sizes and contents of formula
CS Series CS Series– BTE/BTA PLUS Liquid Additive – available in multiple container sizes

We also offer various non-SCA products to help you maintain your cooling system.

CT Series CT Series – Coolant Test Strips – available in multiple versions
CTK Series CTK Series Coolant Test Kit