Series Design - LF448 Lube Filter

Steel Coil Spring keeps its shape, maintaining a positive load pressure on the adapter seal.
Heavy-Duty, All-Metal Housing provides unequaled burst- and pulse-withstanding strength.
Cellulose/Synthetic Blend Media specifically developed to increase structural strength, efficiency and contaminant capacity.
Spiral Wound Louvered Centertube with fluted ribs allows for maximum flow and adds strength to resist pressure surges.
Patented Series Design provides up to 43 percent more filtering surface to increase contaminant holding capacity and element life. Full-flow and by-pass elements run almost the full length of the filter enclosure.
Radial Post Seal separates the full-flow portion of the filter from the by-pass.
Full-Flow Spud Seal separates the clean oil from the dirty return oil.
Heavy-Duty Steel Baseplate is joined to the can with a double-rolled, tuck lock seam, to resist leakage due to high pressure.