High Velocity Dual-Flow® Filters

Heavy-Duty, All-Metal Housing provides unequaled burst- and pulse-withstanding strength.
Steel Coil Spring keeps its shape, maintaining a positive load pressure on the elements.
Spiral Wound Louvered Centertube with fluted ribs allows for maximum flow and adds strength to resist pressure surges.
100% Synthetic Microglass™ Media specifically developed to increase structural strength, efficiency and contaminant capacity.
Patent Pending Design provides maximum contaminant holding capacity and contaminant removal efficiency, while minimizing flow restriction during operation and cold startups.
High Velocity Dual-Flow Nozzle uses a venturi-type cone to balance the flow between the elements, taking advantage of the positive filtering properties of each.
Heavy-Duty Steel Retainer and End Cap are welded together to prevent the post seal from dislodging.
Heavy-Duty Steel Baseplate is joined to the can with a J-lock seam, reducing the possibility of leakage due to high pressure.