Controlled Release Coolant Filters

Epoxy Coated Canister reduces the possibility of corrosion during extended service intervals.
Injection Molded Plastic Chamber contains Controlled Release Coolant Pellets, which are located upstream of the filter media.
Spring Protector isolates dissimilar metals to prevent corrosion.
Controlled Release Coated Pellets diffuse SCAs when exposed to heat and coolant flow.
Synthetic Media withstands heat and degradation from long-term exposure to coolant flow.
SCA Diffusion Control Orifice meters diffusion of SCA chemical into coolant flow - maintaining proper system balance.
Flow Control Orifice meters flow of the coolant through the filter.
Heavy-Duty Baseplate made from stamped steel is designed to withstand extended service intervals.
Double-Rolled Tuck Lock Seam prevents filter coolant leaks.