Frequently Asked Questions Equipment Protection

December 2011

Product HighlightA number of questions are frequently asked by our customers during the various product and technical training sessions that we conduct each year at our in-house facilities or in the field at the customer location. This month we will focus on the following two common questions.

Q: Do I have to use the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) brand filter on my equipment to honor the warranty?

A: The answer is no. In fact, it is against U.S. Federal Law for an equipment manufacturer to require the
use of their brand of filter, unless they provide you with their filter at no charge during the warranty

Q:How do I know that the Hastings filter will protect my equipment and last as long as the original
equipment manufacture says it should?

A: Hastings filters are designed to meet or exceed original equipment performance requirements. It is our commitment to you that using a Hastings filter will provide a high level of protection for your equipment.