Frequently Asked Questions Product/Technical Training

October 2011

A number of questions are frequently asked by our customers during the various product and technical training sessions that we conduct each year at our in-house facilities or in the field at the customer location. This month we will focus on the following two common questions.

Q: Why does Hastings have so many different filters in their product line?

A: There are actually a couple of answers to this question.

From the product coverage standpoint, it is important that we have a broad product line to allow our customers to buy all of the filters needed for all of their equipment from one source.

From the product design standpoint, it is important that the filter used on an application is designed for that particular application. For example, a competitor may list one filter to fit two different applications while Hastings may list a separate filter for each application. It is important to Hastings that the product being used by you the customer meets the performance requirements specific to the application. Our priority is to provide you with the best protection possible for your equipment at a fair price. That is Hastings value.

Q: How do Hastings filters compare to the original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) filters?

A: Our design philosophy is straightforward. Our goal is to design filters which fully meet the filtration requirements of the applications. It is common for a Hastings filter to exceed specifications, which means better protection for your equipment.