Diesel Engine Cooling System Maintenance

August 2011

Name some common causes of heavy-duty diesel engine component failure. If you included improper cooling system maintenance, you are absolutely correct. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is key in minimizing or even eliminating component damage such as wet sleeve liner pitting or water pump cavitation. Did you know that in some cases, some of the protective additives within conventional (standard service interval) coolants are used up in as few as 12,000 miles?

Hastings Premium Filters offers a line of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) to replace the lost additives in conventional coolant when they need to be replaced. When the correct amounts of SCAs are placed into the cooling system, the system is recharged and critical components are better protected from damage, thus extending the life of your cooling system and engine. You might think of SCAs as the "vitamins" of the cooling system, that is, they replace the nutrients lost over time in the coolant.

How do you know how much additive to add to a cooling system? Hastings offers coolant test kits to determine the correct amount of SCAs to place into your system.

Some newer applications utilize Extended Life Coolant (ELC). SCAs should not be added to these systems. However, it is good practice to utilize a coolant filter with no SCA in an effort to remove any contaminants that may be a part of the cooling system.

For more details on diesel engine cooling systems maintenance, please see the documents listed below on the Hastings Premium Filters web site.